B-Side Is open for business again!

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Transplanting B-Side Studios

The mastermind behind B-Sides is transplanting his beautiful space and modular architectural designs into a new, more personal home where you’ll experience the same warm feel emanating from the wooden walls and experience the stunning sonic clarity and workflow from the heart of the studio, a 32-channel Daking 1112 console. The acoustic treatments and woodwork of musician and engineer Steven Strauss‘ new control room will surpass all your mixing and overdubbing needs. Slated to open summer 2019, get ready for the same B-Side experience in a fresh space.


24-channel Daking 1112 Console | Fully loaded Burl Mothership | Pro Tools 2018/Logic Pro | Full UAD Suite | Flea 47 Microphone

Watch for updates at B-SideStudios.com